Friday, April 26, 2013

Inclusive Tooth Brushing!

With 4 children in our family, I have found the best way to get all of those little teeth clean is to offer a very inclusive tooth-brushing ritual. 
Each child get to brush their own teeth, simultaneously for a first round. Then, one by one, The Hubster or I will inspect and re-brush each child's teeth, if necessary.
As you can see, it helps eliminate fighting and the idea that a sibling may be staying up longer than some. Positive peer pressure! 

A child's baptism

Palm Sunday, 2013, my sweet daughter chose to baptized by submersion in our church. I am excited to see how much she has grown in her faith, and blessed that she has pushed me to grow in mine, also.

I am so so proud of her public declaration of her decision to follow Christ to the very best of her ability, and beyond.

Monday, January 21, 2013

E.E.G. update!

It's been a long period of waiting for info regarding D's E.E.G. test results, but alas! They are in! Unfortunately, this 2nd test was deemed 'not good' as there were influence from outside sources(too much movement during testing, perhaps) and also him being so squirmy while the wires were being placed, the placement was not very accurate.  From what they could read and see on the test, he looks normal. This is still a blessing as there is not a sign of a tumor or other serious defect. The bummer is that we still don't have a clear answer or way to treat other than more waiting. If he has another seizure, he will need yet another E.E.G.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

sewing machine down? use the glue gun!

Desperate for a new purse cover like I was? 

I have a 31 purse with a skirt, but was already bored. I also wasn't experiencing an overflow of cash during this time. Enter; creativity.

Using leftover fabric from my daughters bedroom curtains, and the purse skirt I already owned, scissors and hot glue, I crafted a new purse cover with a rose accent. And for kicks, added a little bow to my daughter headband!  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Mailboxes! (For love notes, of course!)

D painting his manilla mailbox!

E painting his mailbox, too!

L working on his mailbox!

 D gets his first piece of mail! :)

Shared closet Organization DIY

Hubby brought donuts home from work, and I used the discarded box to cut out 3 "fake donuts" as my Fab4 called them. I left a little tab on each one, and cut them to fit on the pole in the closet. On each tab, I wrote the first initial for each child who has clothing   in this shared closet. Our 3 boys share a room and this closet, and it gets confusing for even me, let alone the Daddy! But, now they are labelled, without spending a penny. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday (E.E.G. + Fall Fun Run)

We were up earlier than the buttcrack of dawn, only to learn about our messed up scheduling. I looked thrilled, no? Don't panic, I did NOT leave the house like that. Today.

D and I made his 12:15pm appointment in time, and then the real challenge began. He was so curious about all the wires being taped and glued to his head that he wouldn't sit still. And he's so little!(Just 1 year!) The nurse was really sweet and fell in love with him. She loved his squirming curiosity and didn't mind his crying when she instructed me to hold his arms down so he wouldn't take off any more wires.
Before we started to get D ready, the nurse forewarned me that children this age have been known to need to come in more than twice to get a decent 'reading'. Bummer.
He was not keeping still(duh..) and he looked like some war hero. The nurse suggested I take his picture, and I did have the camera along..and decided to use the stored data to entertain and calm D with home videos of the siblings. It worked!! For a little while, at least. He saw a picture of his sister and leaned in to kiss the camera, quite a few times! SO DEAR! She got 15 good minutes of tracing, and said the docs have been known to work with 10, so she is hopeful. :)
When left and went to flash to forearm; indeed, no TB.
Again hit the road to go to A's fall fun run at school, home to grab L and E from the neighbors, make 2 homemade pizzas, finish homework and went to Awana.

This Mom is RFB. <---Ready For Bed

E, ready to go to the neighbors with his "packpack" full of dinos and popcorn!

L being a weirdo..

D in the waiting room for E.E.G.

D during E.E.G. before I whipped out the home videos.

D looking at home videos.

D is really cheering up!